What do his compliments actually mean?

August 31st, 2011

Men do not easily compliment their women. And when they do sometimes, they really mean it. But when they do not appreciate something, then they tend to say something that may not be much understood. So what do his compliments really mean?

What do his compliments actually mean?

1. When he becomes ambiguous – When he does not find his woman that attractive, then he might tend to give compliments that might have ambiguous meanings. Such compliments might not sound as a compliment and will not even hurt his date, but it could confuse her.

2. The tone of compliment – When men do not appreciate anything, then they would force a compliment but change their tone which may not sound complimentary.

3. Shifts the focus – When men do not appreciate a particular thing, then they would either change the topic or try to shift the focus on other things so that they do not hurt their date. This avoids the risk of a probable fight between the two.

4. Being honest – While some men do not hesitate to take the risk of being honest to their date, it may not be always fatal; it will, on the other way, encourage her to change it immediately.

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